Frequent question: How do you get the green diamond in Crash Bandicoot 3?

How do you get the green gem in Crash Bandicoot 3?

Green Gem Location

You can find the Green Gem towards the end of the Death Route in the level Flaming Passion. To access it, you need to make sure you have not died once during the level, otherwise you won’t be able to obtain the Gem.

What is the green gem for in Crash Bandicoot 3?

Clear gem (Clear Gem) – Smash all 75 crates. Green Gem – Unlock the Death Route and reach its end. 1 secret area (Death Route). 1 bonus round.

How do you get the gold diamond in Crash Bandicoot 3?

It requires you to obtain 10 relics from time trials first in (any) previous levels. After you do that, in the portal room, there will appear an orange platform which will warp you to the basement. There, you will find a portal that will take you to a secret part of Hang ‘Em High, where you find the yellow gem.

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How do you get all the boxes on the great gate?

The Great Gate is the third level of Crash Bandicoot. To get the levels Gem you must first get the yellow gem from “The Lab” level which will allow you to destroy all 38 boxes throughout the level.

How do you get all the colored gems in Crash Bandicoot 3?

The coloured gems are mostly unlocked via Death Routes in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, and by that we mean reaching the end of a level without dying to unlock a secret area. As before though, coloured gems unlock Gem Paths in other levels, which will help you gather all of the white gems in the game.

How do you get the green gem in Crash Bandicoot flaming passion?

To get the green gem you have to complete Flaming Passion’s death route. The green gem is used in “Gone Tomorrow.” You can get the green and clear gem at the same time.

How do you get all the relics in Crash Bandicoot 3?

Relics are rewards from doing speedruns / time trials. When you finish a mission in record time you earn a relic. There are 3 possible ratings depending on how fast you are: sapphire (slow), gold (good), platinum (best). Before you attempt this it is highly recommended that you beat all bosses first.

How do you get all the gems in Crash Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot Gem Locations, Coloured Gems and Key Locations. Each stage has one Gem to unlock, which is done by smashing every crate on a single runthrough of a level. On White Gem stages, you can lose a life while you attempt this, but coloured Gems require you to complete it in a single attempt, with no lives lost …

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