Frequent question: How do you get empowered gems?

What is the fastest way to get empowered gem boxes?

Obtained by:

  1. Earned from exchanging Lunar Soul in the [item=shadow market]
  2. Weekly Trove contests.
  3. Exchanging Radiant Sovereign to @Radiant Merchant in the Hub.
  4. Completing 25 dungeons with Empowered Gem Box Edition equipped.
  5. Rare loot from Gem Booster Box.

Can you craft empowered gems?

Empowered Gem Boxes are a type of lootbox that can be crafted at the Shadowy Market using Lunar Souls, obtained from the Empowered Gem Box Edition tome, dropped rarely from Gem Booster Boxes, bought from the Radiant Merchant using Radiant Sovereigns, or obtained by participating in leaderboards and achieving a score of …

Can gems crack trove?

Higher gems do have a higher chance to crack as they have a lot more chances to fail (even just upgrading to 10 you will notice it).

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