Does Mme Forestier give the necklace back?

How did they return the necklace to Mme Forestier?

They visited a jeweler with the case the necklace had come in. He said he did not sell the necklace just the case. … Loisel had eighteen thousand francs he inherited from his father and he “signed notes, made ruinous deals, and visited loan sharks.” They were then able to buy the necklace and give it to Madame Forestier.

What happens to the necklace and what do they tell Mme Forestier?

Mathilde says that the change was on her account and explains to her the long saga of losing the necklace, replacing it, and working for ten years to repay the debts. At the end of her story, Madame Forestier clasps her hands and tells Mathilde the original necklace was just costume jewelry and not worth anything.

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What did Madame Forestier remove?

They were very much alike.” And she smiled in proud and innocent happiness. Madame Forestier, deeply moved, took her two hands. “Oh, my poor Mathilde!

When Mme Forestier reveals that the necklace was fake how did you respond to this surprise twist in the story?

She admits that the necklace was not genuine. The story takes on a twist and ends ironically. The reader is as saddened to hear the truth as Madame Forestier is having to reveal the truth. The fake necklace represents the fake life that Madame Loisel presented at the ball.

What happened to the necklace What did Loisel do to return the necklace?

Answer: Loisel decided to buy a brand-new necklace and return it back to Madame Forestier. … He borrowed the other money from moneylenders, took money from usurers and collected 36000 francs to buy a identical necklace and return it back to Madame Forestier.

How much was the necklace actually worth?

How much was the necklace actually worth Class 10? As Mme Forestier tells Matilda at the end of the story, the necklace was only worth 500 francs while she and her husband thought that it was a real one which was 40,000 Francs.

When Mme Forestier reveals that the necklace was fake the reader feels the force of irony?

Forestier reveals that the necklace was fake, the reader feels the force of irony – the sense that something has turned out to be the opposite of what we expected.

What is the role of Mme Forestier in the story the necklace?

Here, Mme. Forestier is only referred to as the ”rich friend,” and her main purpose is to show how miserable and jealous Mathilde is in her current life. This sets the stage for Mathilde’s reaction and need to borrow jewels when she finds out about the ball.

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What did Mme Forestier tell Mathilde about the necklace?

Answer: After having lost the borrowed necklace, Matilda replaced it with a diamond necklace bought for thirty-six thousand francs. But Mme Forestier told her that her necklace was false costing about 500 francs.

What kind of a lady is Mme Forestier?

Madame Forestier is a good friend of Mathilde. She was very rich. Despite this discrepancy in their wealth, Madame Forestier does not hesitate to help Mathilde when Mathilde wants jewels to wear to the ball. Madame Forestier shows her generosity by lending Mathilde the jewelry without hesitation.

What kind of person is Madame Loisel husband?

Q2. What kind of a person is her husband? Answer: Her husband M Loisel, is an ordinary and average young man. A mere clerk by profession, he is still contented with his job.

Who was Mme Forestier?

Mme. Forestier is a well-to-do friend of Mathilde’s from her convent-school days. She has a marvelous collection of jewelry and lets Mathilde borrow an expensive-looking necklace for the party. Mathilde loses and replaces the necklace but Mme.