Do you need Damascus to get Diamond Camo?

How do I get Diamond Camo?

To unlock the diamond camo, you need to unlock all gold camos in a particular weapon category which are assault rifles, submachine guns, tactical rifles, light machine guns, and sniper rifles. Unlocking the gold camos in assault rifles will unlock the diamond camo for all assault rifles as well.

What camos do you need for Damascus?

And if you want to unlock Damascus, you’ll need to earn the Platinum camo for every single weapon class in Warzone or Modern Warfare. But the grind is still just beginning. To unlock the final camo, Obsidian, you’ll need to kill 15 enemies in a match 200 times.

What guns are not needed for Damascus 2021?

Please note, you do not need Gold on the DLC weapons to get the Damascus. This includes the Renetti pistol, Crossbow, SKS Sniper and the MK9 Bruen.

Can you unlock Diamond Camo?

Diamond Camo is up there as one of the last camos players can unlock during their time in Call of Duty. Players will need to complete a set number of challenges to unlock them.

How do you get Damascus camo for free?

You must complete a series of challenges for weapons, such as getting kills while mounted and using no attachments. Completing all challenges for every weapon that launched with Modern Warfare will unlock the elusive Damascus camo.

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Do DLC weapons count for diamond?

Usually, to get Diamond you must get gold on all of the base weapons in the class, and extra DLC guns don’t count towards the progression. … Instead, DLC weapons now count towards the progression, allowing you to leave out the worst weapons in the class.

What snipers do you need to get platinum?

Platinum: Available as soon as the gold camouflage has been activated for each weapon from a weapon class (except DLC weapons). So if you want to have a platinum skin for your Kar98k, you have to unlock the gold camo for all Marksman & Sniper Rifles (except SKS, Crossbow, SP-R 208 & Rytec AMR) to get it.