Can you pierce ears with cubic zirconia?

Is cubic zirconia good for newly pierced ears?

If you already know you have sensitive skin, these cubic zirconia studs are made with implant-grade titanium which makes them a great option. This high-quality titanium is lightweight, durable, and completely nickel-free, making this a good choice for anyone who’s looking to avoid irritation.

What earrings are safe for pierced ears?

Stick with either the solid gold or 100% implant grade titanium or biocompatible stainless steel to prevent irritation on your fresh piercing. Any plated jewelry or other materials should be introduced only after your piercing has fully healed.

Which method is best for ear piercing?

Getting Pierced with a Needle

The process of using a needle to do a piercing in an area of the body other than the ear lobe is much safer, and our customers say, less painful than using a piercing gun. The needle is hollow and has a sharp point to create a clean hole.

Is sterling silver bad for ear piercings?

As silver is such a soft metal, it can be easily scratched or tarnished. These imperfections can then harbor harmful bacteria, which are then harmful to your piercing, potentially causing irritation and infection. Silver is only okay for fully healed earlobe piercings, and for very short term wear!

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Does cubic zirconia earrings have nickel?

Generally, cubic zirconia doesn’t contain nickel. … Sometimes they use nickel to give it a yellow-brown color. But the nickel will not transfer to react with your body as the other metals do. Even those with nickel allergies have used the metal successfully without experiencing any reactions.

What are Claire’s earrings made of?

What are Claire’s earrings made of? Our 14KT gold earrings are hypoallergenic, and are great for sensitive ears!

Is silver OK for first piercing?

Pure silver is considered hypoallergenic, but piercing experts generally urge customers to approach silver jewelry with caution. The main reason? Pure silver, like high-karat gold, is extremely soft, leaving it vulnerable to scratching, chipping, and other infection-promoting types of wear.

Is gold or silver better for ear piercing?

A) Not silver. Most ears are pierced with 9ct yellow or white gold, surgical steel or titanium. … In truth gold or surgical steel are ok for the initial piercing. Gold plated metals are not so good so it is advisable to avoid these to start with.

What should my first earrings be?

Once your ears have healed and you can begin transitioning to regular earrings, you should first wear small earrings, preferably studs, that are made from sterling silver or gold for at least the next three months.