Can you empty a soul gem without destroying it?

How do you empty a soul gem without destroying it?

3 Answers. As mentioned in the accepted answer to this question, you can drop the gem to the ground and it will be emptied. From the UESP wiki, “Soul Gem” article: Occasionally, dropping a soul gem you filled yourself onto the ground will cause it to lose its charge without breaking.

Does using a soul gem destroy it?

Soul Gems are used for enchanting weapons and armor at an Arcane Enchanter or recharging previously enchanted weapons. After using a soul gem (with the exclusion of Azura’s Star and The Black Star), it is destroyed.

How do you charge empty soul gems?

If a soul gem is empty, you will need to fill it before it can be used. You can do this by casting the Soul Trap skill (from the Soul Magic skill line) on an enemy before killing it.

Does it matter what soul gem I use when enchanting?

The gem doesn’t matter. The soul inside the gem does. You can get a lot more out of a grand soul than you can out of a petty soul — many more charges (attacks) for weapons, much better stats from armor.

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What does filling a soul gem do?

Soul Gems are miscellaneous items which can be used to trap the souls of dying creatures or NPCs. The resulting filled soul gems can be used as power sources for enchanted items, either when initially creating custom enchanted items or when recharging depleted enchanted weapons.

Does recharging a weapon destroy the soul gem?

…. No matter what soul gem used to enchant a WEAPON (not armor), the effect is the same… The strength of the enchantment will be the same but the number of charges will not.

Can you do anything with soul gem fragments?

Apparently, Soul Gem Fragments cannot be used for anything. Sell them for minor money (useful early on; though better sources of money will reveal themselves later.)

Do black soul gems disappear after use?

With the exception of Azura’s Star and The Black Star, using a filled soul gem always destroys it.

Can you buy empty soul gems eso?

You can get them from dungeons and world bosses. The latter always drops 1 empty soul gem and 1 full soul gem. On the other hand, if you have the money and want to save time, you can buy either empty or full ones from the Mages Guild. The empty ones are cheap, while the full ones are significantly more expensive.

What is a crown soul gem?

The Crown Soul Gem Pack is a utility for The Elder Scrolls Online available through the Crown Store that includes ten soul gems that revive players and fully charge weapons of any level.

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