Best answer: Who stole the crown jewels of Ireland?

Did the Crown Jewels get stolen?

The Crown Jewels have never been stolen since that day – as no other thief has tried to match the audacity of Colonel Blood!

Who can touch the Crown Jewels?

Only three people are allowed to touch the crown: the monarch, the Archbishop of Canterbury during the coronation ceremony, and the Crown Jeweller, who is responsible for the crown’s maintenance, as well as keeping it secure whenever it leaves the Tower of London.

Why are the Crown Jewels not insured?

When the crown is not being used at coronations, it is on display at the Tower of London alongside other pieces from the collection which pull in 30 million visitors every year. The historical nature of the Crown Jewels means a price cannot be put on the collection, making it impossible to insure.

Who stole the key to the Tower of London?

Despite what Arthur Conan Doyle might think, it may not take a criminal mastermind like James Moriarty to steal England’s Crown Jewels. British police are investigating how a man breached the walls of the famed Tower and swiped a set of keys from a sentry box used by the Yeoman warders, the Tower’s ceremonial guard.

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