Best answer: Where do purple diamonds come from?

What do purple diamonds look like?

The actual color of a purple diamond can range from very light lilac or near-pink to a deep and vivid color. The color can also range from a pinkish-purple to one with a cooler blue tone. … There are also some jewelers who choose to coat diamonds in color to give them the look of a fancy colored diamond.

What does a purple diamond symbolize?

Purple diamonds are associated with spirituality, enlightenment, and pride. They are a good choice for philosophers, artists, sociologists, and psychologists. The color purple has also long been associated with nobility, wealth, and power.

Is Amethyst a diamond?

Though an amethyst is no diamond, it is still a beautiful gem and looks great combined with colored or white diamonds. The amethyst is a type of quartz with a violet hue. … Most amethyst stones found today come from Brazil and Uruguay.

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