Best answer: Is Ruby better than garnet?

Is garnet or ruby more rare?

Rarity and Value

First thing’s first, rubies are much rarer and harder to stumble across. Garnets, on the other hand, are not a specific gemstone but rather a group of silicate minerals that can come in a variety of colors. While it’s harder to find green garnets, for instance, red ones can be found in abundance.

Which is darker garnet or ruby?

A genuine ruby typically has a light red to medium red hue, whereas a garnet will be darker and have a burgundy or mahogany cast. In some cases, a ruby may also be mahogany, but it will always have a clarity that the dense, less refractive garnet does not. Check the cut of the stone.

What is the difference between ruby and garnet?

Red garnets can have hints of orange or pink while rubies are vivid red with occasional purple or blue secondary hues. See the rainbow. … If you see two rainbows with no yellow or green bands, you’re likely looking at a ruby. If you see only one full-color rainbow, the stone probably is a garnet.

Can rubies scratch?

As we mentioned earlier, Ruby is one of the hardest gemstones, therefore it should not be easily scratched: With a damp of cloth or a toothbrush clean the ruby, in order to remove any debris or marks. Then dig your fingernail into the gemstone to see if you can leave a scratch. If you can, it’s not a real ruby.

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