Best answer: How much is a 9 carat brown diamond?

How much is the 9 carat diamond found in Arkansas worth?

The “Amarillo Starlight” reached a polished weight of 7.54 carats, with a price estimate of at least $150,000.

Are brown diamonds rare?

From all colored diamonds, the brown ones are the least rare. Compared to (perfectly) white diamonds, brown diamonds often have attractive prices. Even though brown diamonds are rarer, they actually cost less than the white ones.

Which stone is brown?

Shades of Brown

Gemstone Color
Marble, Brown Brown
Quartz, Golden Golden
Garnet, Grossularite Brown-green
Garnet, Andalusite Smoky orange/brown

How much was Kevin Kinard’s diamond worth?

While it is unclear how much the diamond is worth, the park said a 3.03-carat white gem found in 1990 was cut into 1.09 carats and eventually sold in 1998 for $34,700 — meaning Kinard’s diamond is likely worth thousands more. “Congratulations to Mr.

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