Best answer: Does Diamond Beach have a boardwalk?

Is Diamond Beach NJ nice?

Clean and not crowded, charming! Not as wide as some of the other Shore points, but very clean and pleasant with lots of room to spread out. No tacky boardwalk noise or hassle for those of us who enjoy an old fashioned beach expereince.

Is Diamond Beach dry?

The last several southern streets on the island is Diamond Beach and is not dry.

When did Icona Cape May Open?

Icona also bought Pier 6600 in 2005 and operated it under that name for seven years until opening Icona Diamond Beach in 2013. Molly Mita, daughter of Achristavest and Icona Investment Group CEO Eustace Mita, said the Cape May community has been very welcoming since the company’s first purchase.

Can you have alcohol on Wildwood Beach?

Jersey Shore Local Open Container Rules

Nearly every New Jersey beach makes it illegal to bring open containers – or any alcohol – to the beach. With the exception of some of the beaches at Sandy Hook, you cannot drink on the beach at the Jersey Shore.

What county is Diamond Beach in?

When was Icona Diamond Beach built?

Fully re-built in 2013, with beautiful suites by the Travel Channel’s celebrity designer, Blanche Garcia, ICONA Diamond Beach launched its first full season in May of 2014.

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