Are Dogeared necklaces sterling silver?

What is a Karma necklace?

With the Karma necklace being based on the Law of Attraction, by wearing it, you’re keeping Karma close to your heart and soul – It helps to remind us of what is important. And yes, a simple piece of minimalist jewellery that you wear each day can be your reminder of what is important to you!

What is Dogeared jewelry made of?

Dogeared charms are cast in the U.S.A. with sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% pure sterling silver and 7.5% Copper. Gold finished charms are 14K gold plated over sterling silver.

What is the meaning Dogeared?

: having a lot of pages with corners turned over a dog-eared book.

What is an eternity necklace?

The infinity necklace can symbolize unity, eternity, empowerment or everlasting love. At its simplest, the symbol resembles a figure eight on its side, but it can also be portrayed by interlocking circles, or as an elaborate interlaced pattern.

What does a teardrop necklace mean?

The Teardrop Pendant is a symbolic jewel. The unique shape and the teardrop pendant are very close to the heart when worn. They are often used as precious souvenirs for the expression of lost loved ones, or given to lovers as a present of love.

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